Conversion Courses for instructors from traditional Krav Maga

The conversion training is aimed at you as an instructor in traditional Krav Maga and wants to be further developed to act as a KMS-affiliated instructor for the general public.

The courses are usually held in Stockholm or Gothenburg once a year with internationally recognized Krav Maga instructors and Swedish National Police-approved self-defense instructors. The training consits of both physical pratice as well as theory. The emphasis is on the physical parts and the education is therefore mentally and physically stressful.

Krav Maga Sweden’s instructor’s programs are unique in their kind and provide an enormous solid understanding of KMS Krav Maga, self-defense capacity and teaching abilities.

We do not guarantee that the participant will be approved. However, we do guarantee the most comprehensive and developing instructor training in Sweden, by comparison.

The education contains detailed training materials in the form of instructor’s manual, proposals for training packages for different occupational groups, suggestions for training for civilian group trainings, stress management, conflict management, etc.

The 11-day course is divided into three occasions at two-week intervals and runs jointly with the basic Civil Level 1 course.