Civilian Instructor Course Level 1

The Civilian Instructor Level 1 course is aimed for those who have trained some modern or traditional Krav Maga and want to evolve and quickly increase their physical and mental Krav Maga skills as well as learn how to teach civilian groups.

Civilian education is the foundation stone for the Law Enforcement Instructor Course for Law Enforcement personnel. The courses are usually held in Stockholm or Gothenburg once a year with internationally recognized instructors and National Police Agency-approved self-defense instructors.

Training consits of applied Learning in practice and theory. The emphasis is on practice and the Courses are mentally and physically demanding.

Krav Maga Instructor Courses in Sweden are unique in their kind and provide a huge solid understanding of KMS Krav Maga, major increase in self-defense capabilities and teaching methods.

We do not guarantee that the participant will pass the exam. We guarantee, however, by far the most comprehensive and stimulating instructor course in Scandinavia.

The courses include a comprehensive Instructors Guide, suggestions as well as other Tools for helping the instructors after final exams. The program consists of 15 full days divided into four occasions, two weeks apart.

Modules and Phases

1. Techniques module standing

1.1 Balance and movement
1.2 Basic positions
1.3 Attacks
1.4 Blocks
1.5 Weapons
1.9 General knowledge techniques

2. Techniques module ground

2.1 Balance and movement
2.2 Attacks
2.3 Blocks
2.4 Locks and chokes
2.5 Weapons
2.6 General knowledge techniques

3. Tactics module

3.1 Positioning
3.2 Offensive tactics
3.3 Defensive tactics
3.4 Attack signals

4. Combat module

4.1 Konflikthantering
4.2 Scenariobyggande
4.3 Problemlösning
4.4 Sparring
4.5 Närkamp

5. Mental attitude module

5.1 Stress management
5.2 Mental preparedness
5.3 Aggression training
5.4 Attitude

6. Teaching module

6.1 Teaching methodology
6.2 First aid (sports injuries)
6.3 Stretching
6.4 Conditioning and physical fitness
6.5 Sessions and seminar construction
6.6 Legal bais of knowledge

7. Evaluation module

7.1 Technical understanding
7.2 Technical skills
7.3 Tactical skills
7.4 Teaching skills
7.5 Aggression and mental domninace
7.6 Problem solving skills


  • Appropriate martial arts training. Preferrably two years of KMS Krav Maga training
  • Recommendation by local instructor. If the city of residence already has a local KMS training center approval is necessary from representative from KMS training center
  • Minimum age 22 years
  • Adquate physical conditioning
  • Adequate skills in Krav Maga. Personal interview and skills test will be performed
  • No criminal record (police certification required)
  • Plans to work as an instructor at the existing KMS training center or start your own club within the KMS sphere or teach for own employer
  • It is also desirable to have personal experience of violent conflicts


Civilian Krav Maga Instructor, Level 1